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Reducing the amount of armpit sweat are done in some simple ways like enhanced hygiene, preferred diet and even the choice of the clothes to wear.

A combination of these tips would actually produce a 'how to reduce armpit sweating mantra'.


Enhanced hygiene

Enhanced hygiene means being able to shower more than once a day. Make sure that you dry off all areas like armpits, inner thighs, hands and feet before applying strong antiperspirants. This also means making sure that you change your clothes often. If possible, change into fresh clothes every five to six hours. Using soaps that can hamper the growth of bacteria would also make sure that the sweat would not have a strong smell.

Choice of clothes

There are clothes that are made of synthetic fibers; these can actually make you sweat more. The best way to ensure that your skin can easily 'get air' is to wear clothes made out of pure wool, cotton or silk. These are natural fibers that ensure a more natural feel for your skin. To make armpit sweating less obvious, you can wear darker shades of clothing just make sure that the weather allows it.

Preferred diet

Fruits and vegetables for diet sound like a formula for weight loss, but this is not only the benefit of such foods. These foods also detoxify the body which contributes to removal of strong odors. Less fatty foods and fewer sweets can also contribute to reduce armpit sweating. Avoid chili, garlic and onion, these foods tend to give off stronger smell and is definitely not in the how to reduce armpit sweating list


Other Treatment For Sweaty Armpits

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