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How many times have you felt as if you are showering with your own sweat? Actually, aside from the embarrassing experience of unsightly sweat marks, you would also be bothered with the smell of it too.

So here are just some small things that you can do to reduce the sweating.


Change your antiperspirant

There are many commercial antiperspirants out in the market today. You would need something which is stronger than what you are currently using. If you have used a few of such and to no avail, you can actually consult a dermatologist who can give you their expert recommendations.

Use natural fibers for your clothes

Another way to reduce the sweating is to choose your clothes carefully. It is better to use cotton, wool and silk which can help your body to feel more refreshed. Though this would not reduce the sweating, using darker shades of clothes would help keep the sweating less noticeable.


Another technique on how to reduce sweating is by de-stressing. Being stressed out actually makes our body react differently and in some cases makes you sweat more. You can try meditation exercises like yoga. In some cases, any activity that helps you reduce stress is effective enough.

Choose what you eat

When we speak of reducing sweating, it should also be coupled with reducing the strong smell of sweat. The best way to lessen the smell of sweat should be by avoiding foods that leaves a striking smell. In most cases, garlic, onion and chili spices can contribute to the strong smell of sweat. That is why it is very important that you say no to such foods.


Other Treatment For Excessive Sweating

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