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How to stop bad underarm sweating is a common problem. Some studies say that excessive sweating can be from several contributing factors including foods, stress, hygiene and even clothes.

Choose the food you eat

There are foods that make you sweat more and make the smell stronger. Garlic and onion makes the odor stronger, this goes even if it is in small portions. Chili foods can do just the same. On top of that, chili would make you feel warmer, which in turn makes you sweat more.

Control your stress

Another way on how to stop bad underarm sweating is to make sure that you learn some techniques that can level off your stress. Stress actually makes you more prone to excessive sweating. Yoga is one meditation technique that can actually help you control stress and in turn help in reducing underarm sweating.

Be more hygienic

Choose products that are anti-bacterial. Since bad smell are usually associated with bacteria, then make sure that you reduce the bacteria and control its growth. Use soaps and antiperspirant that can do such.

Change your clothes more often

Changing your clothes more often would help in reducing the smell. Bring in clothes to the office, if there are available showers, you can shower during breaks and have a change of clothes. Make sure also that you do not sleep in clothes you wear during the day.

Use natural fabrics

It is wiser to choose fabrics that can make your skin feel refreshed. Cotton, silk and wool are the top choices for this.


Other Treatment For Excessive Sweating

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