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How To Stop Excessive Sweating

How To Prevent Excessive Sweating

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Tips To Stop Sweating Naturally

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There is about 3% of the world population who suffer from excessive sweating, which is known medically as Hyperhidrosis.

Most of the time, people under this ailment suffer alone; as they mask their excessive sweating as much as they can, due to fear of ridicule by others. Therefore, it is regarded as a social disorder aside from being a medical illness.



There are various surgeries that can address the problem of how to stop excessive sweating. These procedures are carried out into specific parts of the body; and, are normally minimally-invasive. It is performed by cutting the nerves responsible for excessive sweating.

For people who have severe hyperhidrosis, it is best to undergo any of the following surgical procedures:

* Sweaty palms, medically known as Palmar Hyperhidrosis is cured through a procedure called Thoracic Sympathectomy. It was developed a few decades ago and is performed through the back, lower part of the neck, or the chest cavity. On each side of this, small incisions are created, through which fiber optic camera are inserted. After this, the sympathetic chain is congealed. The rate at which, sweaty palms are cured is at 98 percent; yet, there is also a possibility for it to be reversed.


* There are also patients who suffer from Plantar Hypheridrosis or excessively foot sweating. This is cured by a procedure Lumbar Sympathectomy. The surgeon makes three small cuts on both sides of the retro-peritoneal area, with the patient under general anesthesia. There is about 90% success rate for this operation that may cause pain, bleeding and discomfort after.

So, if you are experiencing this kind of problem, do not hesitate to consult medical help-and start stopping excessive sweating now.

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