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Sweating is a normal body process, but then excessive sweat from the hands can be a little embarrassing at times. This all depends on the choices that you make in food, products and clothes. So here are some steps on how to stop hands from sweating.



There are foods that can actually make you sweat more. Aside from this, these foods can also make the sweat smell bad. Garlic, chili and onion are among these types of foods. Sweating is also induced by fatty foods, so it is advisable that you avoid such. You can actually substitute such foods with fruits and vegetables.


Product choice is also important to make sure that your hands can reduce and eventually stop sweating. Since antiperspirants are usually used for armpits, make sure to check if these can be used for your hands. In most cases, the products can be used for such. It is also wise to choose those that are perfume-free because of fewer chemical compounds.

Soaps are also more effective when these are anti-bacterial. Anti-bacterial soaps can prevent the formation of bacteria. It is more advisable to have such soap because it can prevent the smell of sweat.


Choosing the clothes can be tough at times, but it is more advisable to choose cotton and silk clothes. This is more breathable for the skin. It is also important that the clothes are darker since sometimes your hands might touch some of the parts of your clothes. If you are wearing white, your hands might sweat and put some dirt in the clothes.


Other Treatment For Excessive Sweating

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