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It is perfectly normal to suffer from sweaty palms once in a while. Whenever you are anxious or excited, your body tends to adapt. But what if you sweat excessively, how do you stop sweaty palms?

It is an embarrassing dilemma to begin with. You tend not to shake hands with people you meet for the first time. You are uncomfortable when you are around people. It can ruin your life.


Sweaty palms can be primary or secondary. Consult your doctor to rule out any underlying medical causes in order to treat the condition properly. Physicians can prescribe oral or topical treatments.

Methods of Controlling Excessive Sweating


This particular treatment is not necessary a cure of the condition but merely helping you to control excessive sweating. Some products that work well in controlling underarm sweating can aid in controlling sweaty palms as well. Always have it wherever you go so that you can use it whenever you want it.

Absorbent cloth

If you are still in the process of treatment, it cannot be avoided that you still get sweaty hands. One great way to control this is to carry absorbent cloth in your pocket. It can come handy especially when you need to shake hands. People put their hands in their pocket and no one will realize that you are actually wiping excessive sweat on your palms.

Foot Powder

Baby powder can help control sweat but foot powder is more absorbent and effective. Apply foot powder liberally on your palm so that you can control the sweating

There are still a lot of methods to control the condition. However, when everything else has failed, how do you stop sweaty palms? You can always go to more aggressive solutions.


Other Treatment For Excessive Sweating

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