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These tips make me stop sweating but before going through the lengths of it, always remember that these same tips may not work for you or for everyone. We all have different cases no matter how similar our condition is.

Even if we have the same problem, our reasons for having one would be different. I may be suffering from a primary hyperhidrosis and you may be suffering the secondary one. It is important that you seek medical help first and foremost in order to be effective.

1 - Relaxation

In order to make me stop sweating, I go through relaxation techniques because excessive sweating always occurs when you are anxious, nervous and tensed. It can become a vicious cycle and you would want to stop it once and for all. You tend to produce less sweat when you are in a relaxed state. Why else are you not sweating when you are resting or sleeping?

2 - Choose what you wear

It is important that you are conscious of what you are wearing in order to control sweating. Correct clothes include:

* Clothes that are produced from natural fibers and cotton
* Clothes that make you feel comfortable

3 - Proper preparation

It would be worth it for you to carry around some items with you instead of having to worry and embarrassed.

* Always bring spare shirt or blouse with you
* Extra socks or tights
* Try disposable dress shields
* Moist wipes to help you maintain dryness on your skin and keep you cool
* Antiperspirant to complete your list

You can device your own strategy in order for you to reduce sweating once and for all.


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