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How To Prevent Excessive Sweating

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Tips To Stop Sweating Naturally

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There is no way that you can stop your body from producing sweat. It is a natural mechanism for your body to cool down whenever it senses a rise in body temperature. However, for people who have excessive sweating, there are effective methods to stop sweating..




1 - Over the Counter Antiperspirants

The first line of treatment for excessive sweating is the over the counter or OTC antiperspirants. Be sure to look for extra strength antiperspirants especially those that contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate to effectively reduce if not stop excessive sweating. Apply this antiperspirant at night time so that it will saturate the glands. In the morning, apply the antiperspirant again after your regular bath. Do this religiously.

2 - Botox Injection

One of the most effective methods to stop sweating is the Botox injection. If the first line of treatment has failed, you can opt to have this injection a couple of times within a year usually every 6 months. You can see the results within a short span of time.


3 - Surgery

The last treatment option that is presented is surgery called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Sweating is governed by the sympathetic nervous system and via this surgery you are actually removing the nerves that will make you produce sweat. If every method of treatment option has failed, this is usually presented to effectively cure the problem.

Aside from the methods mentioned above, there are other natural cures to put an end to excessive sweating. These methods can work well especially for people who have milder cases of sweating. However, searching for natural remedies could work for you.


Other Treatment For Excessive Sweating

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