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Having sweaty armpits is really terrible and very degrading. You will feel all the embarrassment and the shame.

It will ruin your social as well as professional life. Now, you have finally come to a point where you want to stop sweaty armpits once and for all. You don't like to be left feeling embarrassed - not anymore.


What are some natural means of treatment?

Do they exist? Yes, they do. It is the safest method of treatment available to stop sweaty armpits. These natural treatments work by conditioning the skin better to give you a fresher and dryer feeling.

1 - Apple Vinegar

During night time, apply apple vinegar or other malt vinegar to your underarm. It would be very helpful if you trim your underarm hair short or better yet shave. Leave the vinegar to dry so that it will be absorbed and soak your underarm overnight.

What's great about apple vinegar is that it has astringent properties that will keep your underarm dry. In the morning take your usual bath and wash off your armpits with regular soap and water.

2 - Baking Soda

This particular treatment coupled with deodorants with aluminum chloride will work wonder on your sweaty armpits. Mixing alkaline (baking soda) and your sweat (acid) will create a gas compound that will easily evaporate. Sit the mixture for about 25 minutes and wash off with water thereafter. If you religiously do this, it will enable you to see desirable results within days.

3 - Lime Juice

Apply lime juice on your armpit and let it dry. Wash off with soap and tap water. Do this daily in the morning while you take a bath to give you dry skin the whole day.

Other Treatment For Sweaty Armpits

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