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Are you in the constant embarrassing situation because of your sweaty feet that smells? If there are ways to stop sweaty feet by just cutting your feet off, would you rather do it?

It is not silly to get your line of thoughts this way. This condition is very embarrassing enough to even talk about it.


What are the Most Common Causes Of Sweaty Feet?

Sweaty feet can occur in normal clean individuals who wash everyday and with no problems with hygiene whatsoever. However, they suffer from smelly and sweating feet because of toxicity.

Causes of Toxicity

There are various causes of toxicity including:

* Poor diet - Intake of too much saturated fat can lead you to have high toxicity levels in the body as well as drinking too much tea and coffee without eating enough of fresh foods like fruits.

* Poor lifestyle - The lack of exercise, laziness, constant stress and lack of fresh air contribute to sweaty feet.

* Subtle medical condition - "Leaky gut syndrome" will lead to high toxicity levels in the body.

* Poor bowel movement - Constipation from non-regular bowel movement is a factor of toxicity levels.

What can you do to stop Sweaty Feet?

* Consult a physician first and foremost. They can give you enough information that you need and guidance in order to find efficient cure.
* Natural healing. Utilize probiotics and herbal medications to help your body regain balance.
* Water therapy
* Reduce intake of greasy food
* Reduce alcohol intake and stimulant
* Increase vegetable intake as well as fruits
* Exercise regularly
* Consider Ionic Foot Detoxification

Other Treatment For Sweaty Feet

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