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Prior to any attempt to stop sweaty hands, it is always necessary to consult for medical advice. It is understandable that it causes you to be uncomfortable and gives you significant distress but to be effective and safe professional help should be sought.

There are two modes of treatment to combat this condition, namely - home remedies and medically mediated treatments. People usually go for home remedies first and surgery is attempted only as a last resort.


Home Remedies For Sweaty Hands

* Rubbing antiperspirants on your hand especially ones that are aluminum based and not regular deodorants.

* Bring hand towels always in case some unavoidable circumstance occurs.

* Learn how to control your emotion. Some people will only have sweaty hands when they are under stressing and anxiety-related situations. Calm yourself as you take deep breaths.

* Lose weight. Oftentimes obese people will have problems with excessive sweaty hands. By boosting your metabolic rate, you are actually taking a step to treat the problem.

* Utilize talcum, cornstarch, alum or any medicated powder to stop sweaty hands.

Medically Mediated Treatments For Sweaty Hands

* Ask your doctor about the treatment of iontophoresis. This mode of treatment will use low electrical current and apply it to your hands as they are immersed in water. There is really no reported evidence that it is effective but some people have tried it as their mode of treatment.

* Medications. Physicians will prescribe medications such as sedatives, beta-blockers and anticholinergics to address your sweaty hand problems.

* Botox injection. This is already widely used and will require you to have repeated injections about twice within a year.

* Surgery. The last resort to resolving sweaty hands is surgery, which is the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy.

Natural Treatment For Sweaty Hands

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