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Sweating is the body's normal reaction when there is a sudden rise in body temperature. It is a method of release to help cool down the body. However, when this becomes excessive, it poses a great dilemma for you to face. While this is embarrassing to begin with, remember that there is no good hiding from the truth. Now, it is time to face the music.


Several ways to stop body sweating are available for you to employ. If you are afraid of the side effects, you can always go for the natural methods of treatment.

Turnip juice or sage teas have antiperspirant property that can significantly decrease excessive body sweating. You can take it in daily for better results. There are still other natural remedies that are available but these are great options.

Aside from the natural remedies, one method of treatment that has gained a lot of popularity is Botox injection. This injection works to paralyze the nerves that supply the glands releasing the sweat. Once the nerves are paralyzed, the signals will not reach the glands and therefore will stop body sweating. You will need to have repeat injections every 6 months for this to work.

Losing weight is another great way to control body sweating. A lot of people suffering from excessive sweating are because they are overweight or obese. It is found to be effective in controlling the embarrassing sweat.

Other methods to control excessive body sweating are relaxation techniques, hypnosis and acupuncture. They have been discussed and were found to be effective in some ways.

There are many things to be considered when you decide to put an end to excessive sweating. When all else fail, you have to seek medical advice.


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